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Choose melons heavy for their size - as these will be the juciest - with deep yellow skin and a good aroma. Their blossom end should give slightly.



Scream Sorbet, an all natural, small- batch sorbet crafter located in the Bay Area has been known to use our Crenshaws for their sweet, summer, melon sorbet.

Crenshaw Melon

Sweet & Juicy

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These large, deep-yellow skinned melons sometimes rival our watermelons in size - as well as sweet flavor and juiciness. Crenshaws have subtle ridges along their vertical and are a unique oval shape that tapers on one end where the melon attached to the vine - together with our Piel de Sapos, they make quite the visual dynamic duo.

Their taste, however, is all their own. These melons have achieved a legendary status among many long-time Happy Boys - I remember my first summer season some veteran Happy Boys told me if I was going to bring home just one melon that year, it had to be a Crenshaw.

Slicing open the large, heavy melon for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the delicate pink flesh inside, glowing with juice. Crenshaws have a fragrance and flavor that catches many people off-guard - they are light and sweet, with bright floral and vanilla notes, and do not have the musky, more earthy element of some other melons. Their texture is also light but luscious and velvety. And oh-so juicy. Experiencing a slice of Crenshaw is like enjoying a sweet, silky cloud - in other words, absolutely heavenly.

Because these melons have a smaller window for peak ripeness and texture, we tend to have them for a shorter time period at markets. When you spot a few, be sure to try one while they are still available. Select large melons that are heavy for their size - the heavier they are, the more sweet juice they contain. You also want to sniff out the ones with the best aroma - check the non-tapered blossom end for their perfume as well as a slight give. 


Crenshaw melons have a short ripeness window, so you don't ideally want to store them for more than a few days. If you have room, the fridge is best.

Recipes & Pairings

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Crenshaw melons are incredible on their own, or with a squeeze of lime. Their refreshing sweet flavor and silky texture makes them ideal for frozen treats like ice cream or sorbets. Some people even pickle under-ripe Crenshaws to enjoy year round, although you might be hard pressed to find a green one at the Happy Boy stand.