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Look for melons with an amber glow and a somewhat waxy feel with no green undercoat. Ripe melons will also be heavy for their size and give slightly at their blossom end.

Orange Honeydew

Orange You Glad It's Not Green?

Posted by Tent

Orange Honeydews are some of our more normal looking melons, but don't let their plain, cream-colored exterior fool you - this is not your average honeydew, and their taste is anything but ordinary. Open up one of these melons to find succulent orange flesh that has the strong sweetness of a cantaloupe without its' musky notes. Orange Honeydews also have a texture that is slightly crisper than a cantaloupe {some people prefer it to the cantaloupe's softer texture} but avoid being too crisp and flavorless like their distant store-bought green honeydew cousins.

Kids and adults alike, especially those with a taste for honey-sweetness, absolutely love these melons. Despite their simple appearance, I actually find them quite beautiful, as they will take on a subtle amber glow - like the wax at the end of flickering candle - when they are ripe. They will occasionally give off a slight aroma, but its often best to judge them by their weight - the heavier the better - and to make sure any green undercoat has disappeared from their cream-colored outer skin.


Orange Honeydews keep for a fair amount of time, and can withstand a few bumps or rolls. If you take home a ripe one but want to save it for the next afternoon, place it in the fridge.

Recipes & Pairings

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Orange Honeydews are great on their own, and frozen chunks can also be added to smoothies or sorbets for a creamy, honey - vanilla flavor. They pair well with fresh berries as well.