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Buttery Grillers

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Whoever thought pale orange could be so beautiful? Crooknecks are our squash underdog - easily lost amid the cutesy pattypans or flashy sunburst and lacking the 8-ball's street cred, Ronde de Nice's mysterious allure and zucchini's…well…zucchini-ness, the little crookneck occasionally gets overshadowed. But, like a true ugly duckling, the inside is what matters and these squash have exceptional flavor, a creamy texture and an unmatched buttery sweetness when cooked, especially when grilled over an open flame.

These squash are many Happy Boys' grillers of choice and have accompanied me personally to many a backyard BBQ or camp-out. Marinate them with a little olive oil, salt & pepper, marjoram, balsamic and butter, and when you throw them on the flames something magical comes forth: a tantalizing, buttery grilled squash that is juicy and flavorful enough to make even the biggest carnivore at least try their veggies.

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