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Squash Blossoms

Who can resist??

Posted by Jenn

Many chefs we work with report that they only need to mention squash blossoms on their menu and the orders fly! Being from an Italian family I grew up knowing these as 'fiore di zucca' - flower of the zucchini which was stuffed with cheeses, battered, fried and consumed with squeals as no one could resist eating them before they cooled down. If you're into Oaxacan food you may have tasted them in your empanadas, quesadillas or even soups!

Wherever you come from and whichever direction you like to eat in you can stuff these flowers with anything from cheese to dungeness crab, put them on your pizza or chiffonade them to top a pasta dish or stir fry.  However you serve them it all comes down to the fact that eating flowers adds some excitement to the day!

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