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Sunburst Squash

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Patty Pans and Sunburst Squash

SauteƩ these Saucers

Posted by Tent

Wherever in the universe these saucer-shaped squash came from, it must have been tasty. While they are certainly eye catching - be it in the field, at market or in your dishes - they have great personalities to boot. A tad juicier than some of our other squash, these varieties also exhibit an incredibly subtle hint of mustard-greens {like rapini or flowering bok choy} that will get stronger in tomato-based sauces or with balsamic vinegar.

Nuanced flavor profiles aside, the most frequent question asked about these at market is how to best cut their unique, scalloped shape - I like to make thin, veritcal slices for pastas or sautees or cut them horizontally to better fit the grill slats when it's BBQ-time.

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