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    Cutting Nicola Seed in Preparation for Planting

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SEASON: Spring, Fall


OUT OF THE 'FRIDGE: Refrigerators' cold breaks down the starches and causes potatoes to get too sweet.


You Say Potato, I Say Perfect

Posted by Lori

Our newest potato favorite, nicola, is a tasty addition to our Happy tuber family and has received a very warm welcome. They are amazing for roasting to a sublime golden brown - try butter with or instead of olive oil for an especially irresistible eat-by-the-panful dish. Nicola's firm dry flesh holds up well in salads and soups but also makes for perfect mashed potatoes.   


Try to keep potatoes in a mildly cool, dark and dry place - most of us put our spuds in paper bags away in cupboards because too much sunlight turns them green and bitter and too much moisture causes their delicate skin to rot.


Atkins-fear-not! Potatoes are an important source of complex carbohydrates {think of replacing that sourdough roll with a potato}, low in sodium and fat and high in potassium, minerals, fiber and vitamins C and B6.

Nicolas have the lowest glycemic index of any potato.


Recipes & Pairings

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Potatoes loves herbs - especially rosemary, sage, thyme and dill - and rich creamy things like aioli, sour cream, cheese and vegan or eggy mayo. Nicolas are versatile and great for roasting, salads and soups.