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    Sweet dumpling in two sizes.

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SEASON: Fall, Winter, Spring


WINTER KEEPERS: When stored properly, sweet dumplings keep for 2 months or more.

Sweet Dumpling

Single-Serving Cuties

Posted by Drew

Cold air is sweeping across the Bay, which can only mean one thing: Happy Boy winter squash is here! Happy Boy grows a variety of these wonderful hardy gourds, one of which is our sweet dumpling squash. This charming heirloom squash resembles a small cream-colored pumpkin splattered with vibrant green speckles. Pick them when their colors pop! Look for a stark contrast between the pale yellow skin and green spots as well as a pronounced heaviness when choosing these enchanting squashes.

Whether roasting them whole or chopping them up, these lovely squashes - with an edible skin - will add a subtle creamy nuttiness and complexity to any dish. Their petit size makes them masters of versatility. Stuff them with wild rice and flavor them with some Happy Boy thyme for a vegetarian treat! Or quarter them and sauté the pieces with Russian banana fingerling potatoes and spinach to concoct the perfect curry. Either way, these little gourds will contribute delightful depth to any meal!


Winter squash will last longest if kept in an airy spot, free from excessive moisture. Avoid refrigeration.


These gourds are chock full of vitamins A and C as well as potassium, beta-carotene and dietary fiber.

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These little squashes are great in soups and curries - skin left on. Stuff the halves and bake for perfectly sized portions. Another favorite way to prepare them is to cut them into wedges, toss with olive oil and roast until browned for a sweet, honey tasting side dish.