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SEASON: Year-round


Rewashing our salad can shorten its shelf life, as any water left over starts spoiling the leaves. Putting a dry paper towel into your bag or spinner of greens can help absorb water, and keeping the bags sealed with an amount of air in them also keeps the greens from getting clumped, squished and water-logged



Baby Mixed Greens

The Salad That Started It All

Posted by Tent

Yes. This is the salad that started it all. The salad that everyone's talking about. The salad that has brought even the most die-hard-self-proclaimed-veggie-haters back from the precipice and given them something green to not only put on their plate, but enjoy eating. Our baby spring mix varies a bit seasonly in terms of proportions and even occasionally the varieties of greens, but it is always healthy, fresh and delicious. While I cannot reveal our exact formula {which is a closely guarded secret buried deep within the Happy Boy Safe}, it's usually a combo of tender, mild red and green leaf lettuces, slightly bitter oak leaf lettuce and more unique greens that enhance our spring mix's overall flavor. These baby greens include salty baby red chard, refreshing tatsoi and the mildly mustardy mizuna. The edible flowers in our half pound and full pound bagged salads add a slightly peppery accent and pack a visual punch, but in my opinion, the chicories we also add are what make our spring mix truly stand-out.

Most people love them, some people hate them, but the chicories - namely radicchio and curly endive, or frisee, always seem to inspire a passionate response in customers usually reserved for things other than lettuce. Chicories are bold-flavored relatives of lettuces and dandelions, peppery and bitter but with varied sweet undertones. Their textures offer a pleasant crunchy contrast to the other softer spring mix greens, and they are certainly nice to look at - radicchio's beautiful, velvet maroon and white leaves and frisee's wild, dramatic leaves are pretty unforgettable. While these secret salad weapons effectively battle spring mix mediocrity, they are also great on their own - I've seen a lot of customers picking out only radicchio and frisee for things like wilted salads or other grilled, roasted or braised dishes.



Keeping our salad cold and preventing excess moisture build-up is the key to extending its crisp freshness. Try to put it in the fridge as soon as possible.


Because of the wide variety of different greens in our baby mix, it has a diverse mix of nutrients like iron, vitamins C & B and healthy antioxidants

Recipes & Pairings

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I always suggest an olive oil - balsamic vinegar dressing for absolute salad novices. If you want to fancy things up a bit, the combinations and possibilities are infinite and always delicious: delicate baby zucchini and fresh red onions in spring, juicy tomatoes and basil in the summer, roasted winter squash and pumpkin seeds in the winter or more year-round fare like spicy-sweet radishes or our tender baby carrots.