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San Marzano Tomatoes

Time to Get Saucy!

Posted by Drew

When our San Marzano tomatoes come to ripen in the warmth of late summer, everyone knows it time to get saucy. There is no question about it - San Marzanos are quite simply the best saucing tomato you can choose. Many a foodie will argue this point, and the best chefs and cooks recognize that this tomato delivers all the key characteristics necessary to make the perfect sauce.

San Marzano tomatoes are plump and meaty with few seeds and a complex flavor. Their perfect acidity and true sweetness come out when cooked. To be quite honest, when eaten raw, this tomato is somewhat forgettable, but it undergoes a wondrous transformation once prepared. The fruit itself is dense and has comparatively low moisture, which makes for a rich and thick sauce with an unmatched red color. Many cooks also value their ease in the kitchen, since their thin skins are easy to remove and their plum shape easily slices and dices.

Happy Boy harvests San Marzano Tomatoes in the peak of the summer season when the September heat helps these paste tomatoes ripen up to perfection. During the late summer, the window of opportunity opens up and you can head to the farmers' markets and stock up on these plum beauties. With tomatoes these good, you don’t need to be a master chef to create a delicious rich flavored sauce, and for those customers who are ready for a full-scale project, we can usually give you a good deal on bulk purchases in the peak of the season.

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For beginners, try out a simple pomodoro (tomato) sauce at home with a few basic ingredients of olive oil, onion, garlic, salt and pepper and some fresh basil leaves. San Marzano tomatoes can also be cut in half longways, tossed in olive oil and fresh garlic, and slow roasted for a sauce or soup base.