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Summer Squash

    Bright Eyes This Squash Looks Back

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SEASON: Late Spring, Summer, Fall



Grill some squash for an amazing summer treat: cut longer squash into spears and rounder squash into thicker slices, then marinate for a few hours in olive oil, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and some Happy Boy herbs like thyme, marjoram and rosemary. Grill, brushing each side with the marinade as you flip them.

Summer Squash

From 8-Ball to Zucchini

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Walking past Happy Boy's hugely abundant, vibrant summer squash displays, you may have figured out that we definitely LOVE our summer squash. I once had a competition with a fellow Happy Boy to see how many 22lb boxes of squash we could fit on one table at market - I was ahead with 23, then the table legs broke and we had to reassess our goals. Ranging from bright gold and deep green zucchinis, the more subtle pale yellow crooknecks and light green patty pans and beautifully patterned ronde de nice, our squash certainly look as good as they taste, and add splashes of color and unique flavor to a long list of favorite Happy Boy meals.

As much as we like our squash, squash likes us back, and more is grown in California than almost any other place in the world. The assortment of summer squash we offer - ranging in size, color and shape - are all actually immature varieties of gourds native to the Americas that, once grown to full size, are inedible. This explains why the giant zucchinis in many people's home gardens tend to lack flavor or exhibit a somewhat "woody" texture.

Harvesting these squashes young has catapulted the flavorful fruit to summer-time stardom - squash is a highly coveted produce selection in the spring and summer months, second only to heirloom tomatoes. Squash's bright flavors, smooth texture, easy storage and preparation, as well as its overall culinary versatility make it so popular with us and many of our customers. Quick to sauté, delicious when grilled and savory when roasted, our squash's flavor can be easily enhanced and diversified by pairing with different combinations of our herbs. Sunburst squash makes a killer pasta dish when paired with our tomatoes and peppers and more than a few hearty scrambles have been made with our zucchini, potatoes and spring onions. And if you are ever lucky enough to come across a bunch of squash blossoms at market be sure to grab them before someone else whisks them away to enjoy lightly battered and fried.

Each variety has a subtly different taste, and some work better with certain cooking methods due to their shape, but as a whole, summer squash is a necessary ingredient for the local California flavor. When selecting summer squash, anything under 5 or 6 inches is preferable, and if the fruit is heavy for its size, plump and firm, it will always be delicious.


Keep summer squash in the fridge and handle carefully since damaging the the fragile skin can make it spoil faster. Some customers like to keep their squash in plastic bags or breathable containers to protect it. Well-stored squash should last about 7 days.


Summer squash are possible cancer-fighters and may improve overall heart-health.

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Sautéing is the classic way to prepare squash - slice some up and throw into a pan over medium heat with some olive oil, salt, garlic and onions, and cook until soft. Squash is also a key ingredient in summer grilling recipes like kabobs. Or, squash - and its blossoms - can also be battered and lightly fried.