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Farmers' Markets Contribute to Communities & Connect You to Your Food

Posted by Drew

Farmers' markets are the backbone of our farm.

There is nothing quite like the instantaneous sense of community that seemingly springs up out of nowhere on a farmers' market day. Watching as an empty, faceless parking lot or closed off street magically transforms in a matter of moments is wondrous. During pre-dawn hours, farmers unload their freshest seasonal produce, local artisans carefully display their crafts and food booths ready their mobile kitchens - woodsmoke and a hint of coffee hang in the early morning air. As the sun rises, what was once a lifeless space quickly unfolds before our waking eyes into a true neighborhood commons, bustling with activity.

This is the place for weekly rituals: the morning walk to market, a chat with neighbors along the way. As children and adults alike taste each of the sweet berries offered, excitedly choose from the freshest greens, listen and dance to the live music, touch the fine wood carvings and marvel at the handcrafted jewelry, their market baskets will soon be overflowing. The simple opportunity to interact with the different folks from all walks of life who grow, make, or prepare all this goodness and provide it to the neighborhood is priceless. A healthy marketplace is a sign of a strong community, created by vendors and customers together.

For us, waking up long before dawn and journeying the distance to bring you the freshest of the season is something that we look forward to and thoroughly enjoy. We like being part of the local communities in many different places. While our business depends upon market sales, growing great tasting organic produce makes us truly happy. And we honestly hope bringing it directly from the farm to your neighborhood, where you can choose produce picked so fresh you can taste the difference, makes YOU happy.

Farmers' markets are an essential element in creating sustainable, healthy, and thriving communities. The notion of an open-air market where farmers and artisans sell their goods is a surprisingly simple, tried-and-true model. This is a space where neighbors can mingle, make healthy choices, and create personal connections with those who work hard to bring them the food and nutrition that sustains them. The notion that these experiences occur and are brought to life for a few hours on a weekly basis makes them seem even more special, vital, and almost radical. By the time you’re home, basket carefully emptied and hanging from its hook, the farmers' market too is transitioning - much like a circus pulling up tent stakes and moving on - and soon will be gone. And the parking lot looks… well, really empty again. Until the next week, when the story begins anew.

Happy Boy Farms has been participating at farmers' markets in the greater Bay Area for over a decade. We take great pride in working hard to grow seasonal crops, and hold ourselves to a high standard of taste and absolute freshness. Certified organic from our beginnings, we set up our tents year round, rain or shine - and we’ll see you next week!