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Montclair Market

    Montclair Market

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Sunday, 9AM - 1PM

Location & Hours

Montclair Village
9AM - 1PM
Year-round market

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Market Description

The charming shopping district of Montclair sits amongst the trees of the Oakland hills like a  cherry tomato nestled in a bed of arugula.  (It's cute.) Every week, the Sunday farmers' market attracts people from around the Oakland hills to lounge in coffee shops, play with their children, meet friends, and of course, to stock up on fresh fruits, veggies, and gourmet foods.

The market is only a couple blocks from the Park Ave. exit off Highway 13, so even if you don't live in Montclair, you can easily stop in for a visit. Some of the top vendors in the area bring their goods here to sell; you may walk home with everything from artichokes to oysters.  Twin Girls brings lip smacking organic fruit all year round, including sweet bags of oranges, and fresh squeezed pomegranate juice, but you should also try Kashiwase's seasonal stone fruit, Mr. Hamada's citrus, or Roy's organic apples. (The vendors treat each other like family here, so don't hesitate to learn some of their names.) The fresh fish is always a hit, along with gourmet local olives, local honey, bakery-fresh bread, and Phoenix Pasta's fresh pastas and sauces.

Hungry while shopping? Don't worry. Hot food is also available, including free-range rotisserie chicken, Thai curries, Indian naan wraps, French crepes, and Mexican tamales. Just a block away Peet's coffee turns into one of the most lively and social coffee shops that you'll find in Oakland on a Sunday. So, get your coffee, wake up, and enjoy your Sunday with the Montclair market.

And bring your kids because it is definitely a family event. You will often find children having a bake sale on the corner, or selling girl scout cookies. Or, you may see a little one in a stroller, face a mess, with baby's first strawberry!  Even though dog's aren't allowed directly in the stands, they are also quite welcome on the sidewalks of the market, and many of the local pups do their weekly socializing here. Our Happy Boy stand has a lively following in Montclair, and we welcome all market shoppers: the youngest, the oldest, the devoted regulars, the first timers, and everything in between.