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Blue Heron Farms

Organic vegetables and flowers                  



Organic raw sauerkraut, pickled vegetables and kombucha


Three Twins Ice Cream

Seasonal organic ice cream


Massa Organics

Brown rice, almonds and almond butter


Billy Bob Orchards

Organic apples


Frog Hollow Farm

Organic stone fruit, jams and dried fruit


Bariani Olive Oil

Olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soap and lotion


Blue Bottle Coffee

Fresh coffee and beans






Downtown Berkeley

Saturday, 10AM - 3PM

Location & Hours

Downtown Berkeley
10AM - 3PM
Year-round market

Directions to this Market

Market Description

This market is everything that is great about Berkeley: unique, eclectic, local, and progressive. Since 1992, the Berkeley Ecology Center has been organizing this market to bring the finest quality produce direct to the people. With a great location, a wide variety of customers and musicians, practical resources to help you shop, and amazing farms, it is a weekly event which should not be missed.

Bike, BART, walk, or drive to the convenient downtown location. While there, take a rest in the Civic Center park - lying in the grass, you may even forget that you're just two blocks away from the downtown hustle and bustle. Nestled between UC Berkeley, Berkeley High School, and the tall buildings of Shattuck Avenue, this market attracts all kinds of people: both young and old, and no shortage of vibrant personalities.

But, what would a market be without the farms? The vendors make this market really special. For a sweet tooth, you will find some gourmet (and low glycemic) Cacao confections, or muffins and pastries from the bakeries, or raw food cones that taste better than candy. Cultured makes what may be the best Kombucha on the planet (and crazy good sauerkraut). If you're a meat eater, you can start your visit with oysters on the half shell at Hog Island, then check out Fifth Quarter Carcutterie for some gourmet sausages and meats, and then head to Highland Hills or River Dog for amazingly high quality pastured meat including boar and goat. Speaking of River Dog, have you heard about their eggs? With such a reputation, you have to come early and be ready for a line. In addition, you may find some herbal medicine, crafts, yogurt, wine, cheese, and other surprises.

The Ecology Center spares nothing to make this market great. With a goal of being waste-free, all disposable items given out by vendors are compostable. Please bring your own bags to support the ecological intention (and to keep your veggies most fresh.) Also, for a small fee, the center will charge your credit card for wooden tokens which are accepted at every stand. This can be a great help if you forget your cash. They also sell a number of eco-friendly goods worth checking out.