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Scream Sorbet

Unique seasonal sorbet


Billy Bob Orchards

Organic apples


Rainbow Orchards

Pears, peaches, blueberries, apples and apple juice


Ferry Farms

Citrus and orange juice




Sunday, 9AM - 1PM

Location & Hours

Moraga Center
9AM - 1PM
Year-round market

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Market Description

Found every Sunday at the corner of Moraga Way and Moraga Road in the Moraga Center in the town of Moraga (you can’t really miss it!), this farmers' market inspires fierce loyalty. Happy Boy Farms has been there since its beginning 8 years ago, but I only started working there 2 years ago. At one of my first Moraga markets, I was approached by a dignified woman my mother’s age and was informed that at this market, consistency is important. I took that to mean that I had better stick around. The marketer who preceded me was so popular with the customers that they asked about her for 6 months after she left. Now, if I am absent for one Sunday, my substitute will always complain that all the customers wanted to talk about was where I was and why I wasn’t there. And the dignified woman?  We’re on a first name basis now and don’t miss a chance to exchange cooking ideas and catch up on each other’s plans.

With loyalty like that, what’s not to love about Moraga Farmer’s market?  It is a staple of life for the local residents, who used to only have a single Safeway to meet their produce needs until this charming little market made its debut. Never mind that the weather is pretty miserable about 50 weekends a year. In the winter, the fog can be so thick you get damp standing under the tents, and in the summer the 90 degree air is outmatched by the 120 degree pavement. But rain or shine, fog or wind, hot or cold, Moragans and their neighboring Orindans come to market and create a real home-own atmosphere.

With over 40 farmers and food producers in 3 tidy rows, this year-round market provides seasonal food to keep the locals happy and coming back week after week. It is not unusual to witness reunions of kindergarten teachers with their grown students who now have kids of their own, political machinations, bragging matches about which college the kids are off to in the fall, rabid sports talk, and of course endless recipe swapping and food talk. Moragans have progressed from a community where it was not unheard of for customers to be surprised that beets don’t come in cans to a real foodie community. Padron peppers, little gem lettuce and squash blossoms don’t phase our customers. Fava leaves this week?  Give me a recommendation on how to prepare them and I’ll take a bag…  Watercress?  Why not?  Bok Choy Blossoms?  I think I’ll plan a party around them.

Some of the most popular stands at this market include the Local Roast coffee company, offering unrivaled iced and hot coffee, Scream Sorbet, Ferry Farms and Bay Bread. Come to Moraga, where the weather is harsh, the vendors are friendly and the customers are brave!