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Grand Lake Market

    Sunrise On Market Day

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Grand Lake

Saturday, 9AM - 2PM

Location & Hours

Splash Pad Park, Lake Merrit, Oakland
Cross Streets of Grand & 18th
9AM - 2PM
Year-round market

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Market Description

From its humble beginnings as an unassuming market located underneath the not-so-idylic Mac Arthur Freeway, this farmers' market has expanded to the beautiful, sunny Splash Pad Park; it increases in popularity every year and has grown to an awesome size. While the Happy Boy stand is still kind of under the freeway, we hardly even notice because of the friendly atmosphere and inviting Oakland feel. The mellow neighborhood vibes transport everyone here from the hustle and bustle of the city, and it’s no shocker that Oakland’s Grand Lake Farmers' Market was recently awarded the title “Best Farmers' Market in the East Bay” by readers of the East Bay Express.

Truly, there’s a kicked back feeling here, folks seem to interact with each other with unhurried kindness, and you can witness the real nature of the market as relaxed customers nibble their way from stand to stand, sampling the best on offer. Our stand really picks up around mid-day as most Oaklanders begin their weekend with a trip to market to shop and indulge in the many prepared foods. Vendors dish up eclectic fare ranging from dim sum and rotisserie chicken and potatoes, to organic vegetarian and vegan tamales and unique Himalayan dumplings. And then there are the infamous waffles - highly addictive waffles, freshly made and dusted with powder sugar, who's tantalizing scent teases us at the Happy Boy Stand every Saturday. There is quite simply no shortage of lunching options to satisfy a multitude of cravings. Folks take their treats and sprawl out on the grassy lawns and small knolls surrounding the prepared food courtyard while lil’ kiddums can’t resist stripping down to their skivvies and having a splash in the fountain or, for a drier adventure, bouncing on the giant inflatable slide that regularly makes an appearance.

With so much entertainment and so many tasty treats, it’s amazing that folks still manage to load up their weekly supply of fresh fruits and veggies. This market is possibly our largest all week, and we try hard to show our appreciation to our dedicated customers by bringing enough of everything. If you ever find yourself getting lost in our stand, remember, just look for the blue denim table clothes - that's Happy Boy.  Our expressive and thankful customers at this market fall nowhere short of awesome, and are one of the most gratifying groups of supporters a local farm could ever ask for. They make all the hard work of growing, harvesting, packing and transporting fresh organic produce completely worth it! Thanks again to all the folks who recently voted Happy Boy Farms “Best Farmers Market Vendor” in the East Bay Express in the Summer of 2010.

Come on down, walk around the lake, soak up some Oakland sunshine or duck under the freeway overpass if it’s raining, ‘cuz we’re here rain or shine all year long, bringing you the best of the seasonal harvest.