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    Jess stocks bags of pre-washed baby mixed greens

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ACME Bread Company  


Garden Variety Cheese   

Local farmstead cheese 


Scream Sorbet

Seasonal sorbet


High Ground Organics

Organic fruit and vegetables


Yuan Japanese Maple Tree Farm

Unique varieties of young Japanese maples


Prevedelli Farms

Organic apples, pears, berries and preserves







Mountain View

Sunday, 9AM - 1PM

Location & Hours

Mountain View Caltrain Station
600 West Evelyn Avenue
9AM - 1PM
Year-round market


Market Description

Set in the western portion of the Cal Train parking lot, The Mountain View farmers' market on a glorious summer day is truly a sight to behold. For the last 15 years, The California Farmers Market Association has put together a fantastic array of over 70 vendors that comprise the 5th largest farmers market in all of California! When entering the market you are immediately struck by the diversity & bounty of what your local vendors have to offer. Farmers wake up a few hours before the sun to put their best & freshest product out for the anxiously waiting crowds who slip-in early hoping for a chance to start shopping before the official 9 am opening hours.

No matter the time of day - or year - the Mountain View farmers market and Happy Boy have something you can't live without, but just don't know it yet. At our stand, we grow everything we sell and put a lot of pride in knowing that the care, knowledge, and dedication to good food will show in our weekly spread of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Visit us in the summer for jewel-toned heirloom tomatoes, juicy, sweet melons, pre-washed salad greens, freshly dug potatoes, and baskets of flavorful padron peppers. The winter and fall brings us dense bunches of kale, chard, and rapini, pumpkins and other hard squash and a fantastic pre-washed braising greens mix.

There is no shortage of other options when it comes to the vendors at Mountain View, it has just about everything you need on your grocery list and more. Berkeleys'  Acme Bread Company is probably one of the most sought after stalls, people (like me) will happily wait in the long line for a soft & crusty loaf of sweet batard or a few baguettes to go with dinner. Another favorite is Scream sorbet who makes all of their sorbet with fresh, seasonal market fruits and vegetables and end up with wild flavors like beet-lemon and black pepper-almond. There are stalls to grab a bunch of flowers as well as stalls to help grow your own flowers from starts, stalls to grab a sinfully sticky pecan roll and a coffee stall to help wash it down. Add some eggs, raw milk, tofu, honey, cheese, fish, meat, stone fruit, and salami and now we are getting somewhere!

There are a lot of perks to having a market is set in the Cal Train parking lot; it is easily accessible via the Cal Train or BART trains (not to mention fun for kids to watch them come & go), there are VTA bus stops only a few hundred feet away, parking is plentiful in the lot or in neighboring streets, and there are tons of bike racks for those wanting to save a little gas and get a few more morsels of sunshine. A mere 1 block away from the farmers market is the bustling Castro street where there is everything form sushi to tacos and plenty of retail shopping as well, so fill those re-usable bags with market goods then reward yourself with a bubble tea!