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Market Hall Produce

European-Style Market in the East Bay

Posted by Rob

Just up the street from our Sunday Temescal farmer's market you find the quaint and stylish corner of North Oakland known as Rockridge.  A stroll along tree-lined College Ave brings you past many innovative and locally oriented cafes and restaurants until you reach a large and imposing orange building that seems to anchor the entire neighborhood.  This is the home of Market Hall, the only European style market place in all the Bay Area.  Consisting of eight individual food and flower shops opening up onto the sidewalk, Market Hall is quite the operation.  Boasting such variety as a pasta shop, a butcher shop, a wine shop, a fish market, and a bakery under one roof, Market Hall serves as the culinary and specialty product cornerstone of the entire Rockridge district.

Like the other shops, Market Hall Produce strives to provide their customers with the freshest and most distinctive produce available in the Bay Area.  Guided by the philosophy that “fresh is best”, Market Hall Produce works with local farms to consistently bring what is at the peak of season and freshness.  In this regard, Happy Boy Farms and Market Hall Produce are a natural fit, and have been working together since 2005. 

Key to this relationship is Market Hall Produce buyer Farshad Abad.  With over 20 years experience, Farshad starts his day at 2 AM every morning to visit the various wholesale produce markets in the Bay Area, seeking out the best produce that he can find.  On top of this, he maintains relationships with select local farmers, including Happy Boy, stressing the value of buying farm-direct.  It is the dedication of people like Farshad Abad, and the commitment on behalf of businesses such as Market Hall that make farming and selling produce throughout the region both viable and so enjoyable.  Thanks Market Hall Produce!

Market Hall Produce located at 5655 College Ave in Rockridge, Oakland, and is open for business daily.  For more information, visit Market Hall.