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Owner Greg Beccio

    Farm Owner Greg Beccio

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Check out the complete list of in our produce section. Here are a few favorites:


Pre-Washed Baby Lettuces

Heirloom Tomatoes

Specialty Melons

New Potatoes

Dry-Farm Tomatoes

Summer Squash

Bunched Herbs


About Our Farm

The 4-1-1 on Our Farm

Posted by Drew

Owner Greg Beccio has been growing organically for over 20 years in the central coast region of northern California. Happy Boy Farms is based near Watsonville and tends to multiple plots of lands located in neighboring counties. Each field has a unique microclimate and soil structure, creating a multitude of growing conditions for our wide array of row crops chosen and planted specifically for each region and the changing seasons.

All crops are harvested, washed and packed by hand. We personally deliver this produce to farmers' markets, local restaurants and grocery locations throughout the greater bay area, always in the peak of its freshness. Some of our signature crops include pre-washed baby mixed salad greens with edible flowers, tender leafy greens, juicy specialty melons, flavorful heirloom and dry-farmed tomatoes as well as potatoes, sweet potatoes, specialty peppers and many unique varieties of summer squash and bunched herbs. The achievements and prolonged existence of the farm are directly due to the dedication and enthusiasm of the Happy Boy employees, some of whom have been with the farm since its beginnings, well over a decade ago.